Transports with a system

An aspect that is often underestimated in the context of conservation measures for written cultural assets is the transport of these from the customer to our treatment center and back. A multitude of different requirements often make these transports a particular challenge for everyone involved. The PAL realizes the transport of cultural goods via a logistics department located within the PAL. PAL is responsible for planning, controlling, optimizing and carrying out the transport of cultural goods and benefits from decades of experience in this area. The PAL employees feel particularly committed to the principles listed in the SiLK (Security Guide for Cultural Property).

Within the PAL, the transport routes are of course regulated, the storage areas standardized and the resulting measures adapted accordingly. Against the background of material or insurance-related differences, the procedures and processes in the sense of our ISO 9001 certification are specifically defined and adjusted to suit the material.

Outside of the PAL, we are happy to adapt to a wide variety of structural and organizational situations and, if necessary, optimize the transport routes. By applying effective preventive protective measures, we are also able to largely exclude the risk of transport damage.

A technically well thought-out and organized excavation or repositioning of large stocks as well as safe packaging of sensitive and possibly previously damaged materials in a wide variety of formats are essential prerequisites for this.


We generally use transport vehicles with closed fixed superstructures - if necessary, these are air-conditioned or cooled and equipped with GPS tracking. The vehicles are designed neutrally and are therefore not recognizable as transports of cultural goods. The routes are designed as direct journeys. As a rule, or if necessary, these are carried out by two people. There are security precautions against theft and fire in the vehicles. Stable transport packaging protects the cultural asset from mechanical damage and has a dampening effect on climatic fluctuations. Particularly sensitive cultural goods (e.g. rarities or cinnamon) can be transported individually and shock-absorbing inside air-conditioned boxes.


All dispositions are carried out reliably and on time by our permanent and experienced transport staff. Accurate and largely independent. In the case of particularly demanding local transport conditions, the best transport route is always determined in advance of a transport. On the day of the transport, all possibly specially required aids are available to be able to move the sensitive transport goods in the best possible way.

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