What's what?

Facsimiles make sources in museums, exhibitions or everyday university life tangible not only in terms of content, but also with all the senses - while the original can be safely stored. In the production of these reproductions, we combine our skills in digitizing, printing and the bookbinding trade.

With this technique

Not only can source templates be reproduced, but missing parts can also be added and originals can be completed. Another application is small print runs.

For the reproduction of documents, historical documents and book blocks of bound works, we use special art printers that print with resin-coated pigments on carrier material that has mostly been pretreated by us. In this way, particularly large formats can also be produced effectively.

Whether aged handmade paper or parchment,
we adapt the printout to the original - according to the restoration specifications. Covers, seals and locking mechanisms are also manufactured by us using old craftsmanship.

Our customers therefore not only receive a copy of their valuable document, but also a second, long-lasting individual item that can be given out of their hands for use.

Requirement for a perfect facsimile
In addition to the use of modern technology and the application of traditional handicraft techniques, there is always a competent art-historical classification of the originals as well as in-depth knowledge of the materials and fabrics from which they are made.

Our first-class and precise reproductions are currently being presented to knowledgeable visitors in important national and international exhibitions.

However, we are only really satisfied when the expert curator puts the original and the reproduction side by side and begins to puzzle over the object assignment in the source template and facsimile ...

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